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Architectural Rigging Services Tasmania, market a large range of stainless steel cables together with tensioners, terminations and various fittings, they can oversee the construction of a wide range of support and restraint design ideas, stainless steel offers considerable advantages over conventional materials, benefits being: corrosion resistance, long life, ease of maintenance, attractive appearance

Design Ideas

Stainless steel constructions are now being used for balustrading infill and utilised in a wide range of other applications.

Canopy suspension

Shop fittings featuring both decorative design and structural strength

Securing of roofs, reducing uplift from wind pressure

Hand rails and safety barriers

Hanging signs, ceiling suspension, light fittings

Restraints of timber roof trusses

Toe rails

IIf you have a design idea which could incorporate stainless steel and its broad application Architectural Rigging Services, Tasmania, has the expertise to produce and provide any special fittings for such purposes. Check out the alternatives HERE

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